New Age, New Gods

Today, I believe in many androgynous Gods. A committee, living high up in an ethereal think-tank watching over us all, benevolently planning what is best for our own good.

They were born in a valley and trained to be Gods by each other, trusting dreaming, climbing into heaven together.

Lately, they tackled an overdue issue–how to manage and train eight billion human people to metamorphose from one global Age into the next. Ecologically, culturally, humanely–not easy, even for new Gods.

Research and testing is in progress now, creating a new, world order immediately, if not sooner (as mother used to say). We humans are drafted into research and development. Marketing begins after correcting our kinks.

First test questions; Are human emotions and feelings sustainable? Is logic and reason important? Who on Earth wants to bother with it all? Creating and living a new world order is a tough job.

So far, most of us in this country are nearly convinced testing is happening–that we are volunteer subjects. Institutions and infrastructures upon which America relied for the last  250 years, are crumbling in front, behind and all around us.

World population is correcting itself with the help of an old virus who woke up when our planet’s polar ice melted and is killing us, as it claims it extinguished our dinosaur predecessors 66 million years ago.

Dying people off the planet omits barriers preventing the creation of the perfect world order. Ignorance of the new God’s plans is mass-producing confusion, distraction, madness and death.

Politics as usual is done. Democratic, constitutional government order, Out of Order. Socialism, a word too bad to mention, out of the question. The new order will have a new name, perhaps a contest is in order so someone can win something.

Norma Edythe Heyser, 4/22/20

1 thought on “Today

  1. As always, I love your radical way of seeing the world. TS Eliot said something like “Elderly people should be explorers since they are leaving the familiar shores of adulthood.” You are such an explorer and an example of staying open to the new and possible.



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