Morning, Day 39

Breakfast wants me.“Come get me, from the breadbox
your favorite Rye, sliced; slather me with butter all
the way to the edge. Let me be your crisp, succulent,
crunch, one more morsel, another daily “yum”.

Music wants me. Let me swoon your spirit.
Watch this violinist lay his head on his ear
over his vibrating strings. His left arm drags his whole
body onto the bow giving you the Sibelius you crave .

Unmown grass wants me,“Stop, lie here in me,
look up, see me brush blue sky, my fresh scent
invades you. Be quiet, still, wait for the moment tiny
legs of a small, live creature tickles your bare ankle.

My Blog wants me.
Never mind, Norma, this is certainly not what I had in mind.
I apologize. Remember you’re just a stream of consciousness.
No, you’re a stream of consciousness I’m a blog.
What does that mean?
This should all make sense

OKAY, how about a Recipe?
Go for it.

In a pretty, cereal bowl, crumple one Essential Everyday
Graham Cracker, Made With Real Honey.
Cut up one Giant, Sweet, Juicy Orange into drippy pieces.
Dig out three spoons full from a TJ’s Super Premium Ultra
Chocolate Ice Cream carton. Sprinkle With Natural Grocer’s GMO
Walnut Combo Halves & Pieces. Let sit for 10, 5 minutes. YUM!

Norma Edythe H. 6/5/20

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