Update ll: Olive ‘n Ole

This title means there are two pet snails in Best Food’s Park. Readers who don’t know about Olive, my pet snail, will have missed her childhood stories by now. If interested, Olive’s history can be read by scrolling way down to the bottom in the first blog. I intend to learn how to categorize my blogs when my WordPress care-givers come back to work–in the meantime, trying to get blog-smart all by myself. Please don’t give up and go way unless you are bored.

This is Best Food’s Park growing all over the dinning room table. Olive ‘n Ole take treks here every night.


In this Spring’s garden clean up, I found a quart, Jarden Jar laying under the Andromeda; it’s falling blossoms and rain droplets. The jar held a bouquet of sticks last summer. Now, slimy, slippery, dirty, I picked it up keeping my hand and most of my fingers from the ooze. An in- breath ceased me when I saw a baby snail looking almost exactly like Olive three weeks after I adopted her.

Lacking proper preparation for this unexpected discovery I said to anyone listening, What should I do now?” I ran to Olive’s Best Foods Park residence on the dining room table, expecting a response. As usual she didn’t care a bit. After a slight emotional struggled, I impulsively anointed him a He and called him Ole. (I like the oval sounds of Olive ‘n Ole–think I’ll make a song of it.)

Olive ‘n Ole live together now–it’s been three weeks. He bonded first. As usual, she doesn’t care a bit. I’ve added two helpings of cabbage, lettuce and a half egg shell to share for protein. Then worry from one day to the next about Olives emotional health.

Olive taught me there is a Snail Nowhere, into which she disappears frequently. I spent my days and nights alarmed by worst case scenarios until I decide to take it easy. It has happened two times since Ole’s arrival. Last Friday, it took about a half hour to find Olive in the half egg shell–I always worry she is suffering but this is too cute, so I didn’t disturb her. She stayed there until Sunday.

I leave the park gate open because snails engage in their important activities at night. Outside the jar is a forest of winter sticks with lichen, dried autumn leaves and a tiny pool of water for the trek I don’t know yet if they travel together but I know they’ve been by tracing their lovely, silver linear patterns.

One more thing. I checked the Jarden Jar yesterday and guess what, the rest of Ole’s siblings live there, now. They have all grown from pinkie-finger-nail size to thumb-nail size. I fret some–If I invited them in, the park will overpopulate; the forest would have to expand into the kitchen; if friends knew about it I would never see them again. No, no, resist Norma, resist.

Norma Edythe, 5/8/20

Olive ‘n Ole’s bottoms as seen through their glass house. Ole bonded first, wonder if he is maternally attracted to Olive. Olive still hides out occasionally.

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