May Day, 2020

Happy 120th Birthday, Mama.
May you make paper baskets and fill them with Dandelions!

Spring Seed Planting Along the Morning Path, 2020


As usual I am curious, thinking, wondering about how things are with
you. Knowing you as I do, assuming you are used to having people,
relationships and support for whom others assume you to be. 

There have always been friends, strangers on the street, the bus, 
restaurants, stores, highways/driveways, those things you watched
with your grandmother long ago.  

What happens when the world to which you gave your self, is no longer
your reality? Who were the people in your life for one reason or another.
Are you distancing from yourself or coming home?

Who are you now, inside What does your mind and body hear, see,
think and say to you? Are they secret thoughts, comfortable/alarming, 
shame-filled or beautiful? Are you curious–wondering about me?

Whose life am I in now?

Norma Edythe Heyser, May Day, 2020

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