To Blog or Not

To Blog or not to Blog

This morning, while reviewing wrongs and rights, I realize my blogging practice is wrong. Pretending a perceived rightness, “teaching” what I know. Assuming my private views or thoughts can help another person’s emptiness. I’m so full of it. Inner Voice, please help me run away from these thoughts.

Right, you are wrong. Most blog readers feel desperate these days, just like you–searching for comfort, meaning, the “word” from anyone who knows it. Attempting to teach others what you know is not the point. It’s piling more unnecessary thoughts onto your reader.

Now is a perfect time for people to be alone with themselves; waking up to their true nature. Finding their character and spirit in emptiness where those essentials live until given permission, by their soul owner, to be tested, trusted and freed. Your blogging is a form of control. Let go.

Oh no, it makes me happy, it’s fun. I feel useful, wanted, admired. When people say, “Wow” or something nice, I puff up. It tickles my heart. It’s my ego isn’t it? It tickles my ego, doesn’t it? Should I close the blog, now?

I don’t know, can’t advise. Imagine kneading all wrongs and rights together into a ball, of bright, white light. Toss it into a bowl as big as the planet and let it rise.

Norma Edythe Heyser, 3/2/2020

2 thoughts on “To Blog or Not

  1. Word of the Day: Emaho. A Tibetan expression meaning wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, amazing (source) An interjection expressive of compassion for all living creatures


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