Virus Talk

Viral Landscape, NEH, 3/15/20
This pastel, pencil and collage picture is inspired by a photo of SARS-CoV
credit NAID-RML

I exhibit a consistent propensity to connect with, and study, whatever I fear. I noticed it first during the 9/11 attack in New York when almost immediately, I reached out for understanding Islam and developing friendship with Portland Muslim families. Coronavirus is different, of course, but my fear feels the same. I am learning to adjust from terror into peace with curiosity, openness, experience, acceptance. Here is the most recent process with Coronavirus.

Dialog with Corona Virus

Talking heads say there’s a virus killing us, Hmm. It could be an Asteroid, Earthquake, Hurricane, or a GU-43 BMO Air Blast Bomb. At least Corona is organic with short strands of
RNA, DNA in a protein shell. Right now, he or she needs a host cell, like ours, to grow in. Otherwise they’ll just die away. I wonder if they make us sick and die, wishing they could shoot us like we shoot each other? I’ll check in…
Hi Corona, how are you?
Who me?
Why are you talking to me?
Because I want to know what you are.
Haven’t you heard enough about me on social media?
Yes, I sure have, but it’s all about how bad you are.
Right, what can I say?
Are you that bad?
I don’t think so.
How bad are you?
I’m good at what I do and, according microphotos, I’m good-looking.
Oh? But you kill people, you know that, don’t you?
Yes. That’s not all I can do, but that’s what I’m good at right now.
Why do you kill people?
Well, I didn’t have anything else to do and some guy who loves you humans, suggested this is a good time for you to find out you have no control over your life, your world or each other–and you certainly have no control over your death.
Why should we know that?
Because you have to grow up, get real; give up your materialism, your toys, your gross entertainment. Gather yourself unto yourself; wake yourself up to who you’ve been, who you are, where you are, what you have and if you are worthy of Life.
Do you have sense?
Ask your scientist, maybe she’ knows. Maybe that’s all I have. Now get out of here or I might kill you.

Norma E. Heyser, 3/5/20

Another Day

Hi Virus
Oh, it’s you.
You still killing people?
You bet your boots, that’s what I do–having trouble finding people, I think they’re playing hide ‘n seek. Can hardly wait to get on those cruise ships
Any other complaints?
Yes, I hate this air.
What’s wrong with the air?
It’s getting clean, loosing the pollution I need to keep killing you guys. All because those
government fools are making senseless rules.

Do you think we’ve found our cure?
Don’t be naive, that’s way too simple. You produce, get rich, by killing your planet.
Fact is, you produce me, you’re killing yourselves with me.
Do you expect us to believe that?
No, unfortunately. You’d all end up in Utopia with no money–what then?
Looks like nature and I can win this battle with you humans. The only way out for you is to change your ways.
How so? Give it all up. Divvy up your assets, resources Let go of what you’ve got, want, desire. Conserve, preserve, equalize, sustain. Uncover ground, giving water it’s reason to rain; soil, it’s properties to grow its needs and yours. For those of you too scared or mad to relax, go pollute some other planet. For your God’s sake, help this one recover.
Eat weeds, blossoms and so will I.

Norma E. Heyser 3/22/20

Another Day at Home

Virus, here I am again.
I told you to get out of here once. I’m loosing patience.
Hang out, just a little bit, it’s curiosity, I have questions-about you and death and other things.
Oh, that’s your trouble.You know what happens to curiosity!
Yes, I learn a lot. Tell me what you think about death.
I don’t think about death.
I sure do. After my Daddy died, when I was eight, it made me feel super sad and scared until I grew up. Then, in my sixties, I started thinking about it, listening to it, and now in my eighties, I don’t think it scares me anymore, just makes me sad. I really love life and don’t want it to die.
That’s dumb, life is half and half. I’m half life and half death all the time. It’s all the same. Oh, never mind, you don’t get it, you’re not like me.
Where do you come from?
I have no fossil record but it’s possible I’ve left traces throughout the history of life. There’s a rumor the extinction of dinosaurs was my accomplishment.
You want to know what I think?
No, I don’t care what you think.
Nevertheless, I think, maybe you recently woke up where the polar ice has melted. The Arctic North Pole. Some people think the ice up here is 700,000, or 3 – 15 million, years old. Maybe you went to sleep, tired, after you got rid of the dinosaurs and froze yourself stiff–you could have been asleep a long time.
Nonsense. Logical nonsense.
Were you born?
No. Replicated. I contain key elements that make up all living organisms, DNA or RNA–one or the other. I am a parasite without the capacity to
control my own replication.– needing a host cell, and that could be you.
Do you like me?
Aw, come on, just a little?
Can I come back? Can we talk some more?
No. You are an impudent upstart, your bore me, go away. Take your curiosity and good luck!

Norma E. Heyser, 3/24/20

(S/He won’t get rid of me that easy, I’ve got more to say!)

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