Day Two

Yesterday, large, white flakes blew sideways onto the grassy knoll, apartment gable roofs turned white three times between bouts of warm sunshine. This morning, a cloudless, blue sky, and rising sun throw sunshine shapes all over the landscape at 33° degrees. Each morning’s weather is a new experience, and so is life. Here, in day two of self quarantine, I can’t stop thinking, writing, stretching, writing, eating, writing, walking, writing–what a perfect day!

3 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Norma – this is just wonderful!! The “dialogue” is inspiring!! What a creative way to spend your self-quarantine. May I use this as part of the Poetry Service on March 29th? Or perhaps you will be available to read it yourself. We filmed our first Virtual Service this week and it was a great success, not only the Service itself, but the Zoom “Coffee Hour” chat after. There were 147 folks signed into that group. Together we are truly building a Beloved Community. Continue to take good care of yourself and keep us posted. 💕🙏💕Sulima


  2. Oh, Norma. I love this. Stepping back from all the alarming news to look at the lessons we are learning. I look forward to more posts.
    Cherie Dupuis


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