She Says

Today is both Snow and Virus Days. Days when old people like me are advised not to go out in the world and get into trouble. Actually, for me it’s a great excuse to write, sitting down in one place for hours on end; a quick stretch now and then to keep the systems working. This morning there was a poem on the desk I didn’t recognize nor know how it got there. Sure enough, I wrote it in 2014 and, like most of what I write, it didn’t travel beyond Little Mac’s back-up storage. Today, it actually makes sense to me so I’ll push it out to So I See.

She Says

She Says, Let go of the past, it’s no longer useful,
You mean like Grandma’s library table I can’t lift anymore? My relationship that hurts whenever it’s not boring?  
Changing, transforming, awakening to all that is. She continues.
You mean our melting planet, Eboli, Isis, the water crisis, food crisis, corruption, revenge, murder, advertising, consuming and video games?
She says. Pure awareness, pure love, pure joy, the essence of all that is.
You mean Nature? The rhythm of Music?  Heart beat? Breathe? Light? Feeling the soles of my feet? Feeling alive and healthy? Happy hugging my kapok-stuffed polar bear?
Receive joy, She says, choose to feel love, passion, desire, abundance, embrace life, relax into it.
You mean let go of thinking about the past, and wanting things I don’t have–be excited about what excites me?
Remain centered in the present, She says, allow yourself to feel your passion, aspirations, the potency of your life. Give more of yourself.
Talent? Shall I recognize my talent?  Devotion to the work I do with pleasure? Making pictures, poems, laughing at my foibles?   
Forgive yourself in this moment, let go of any desire to control reality, move beyond your fear, acknowledge Life
I’m old, there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. Maybe there’s no such thing as time? Maybe forever is now?  Maybe I know all I have to learn?
You have the power to change and transform.  Each breath gives you another moment to imagine your life expanding, to develop your inner resources, opportunities, to use your talents and capabilities, time to give more of yourself, more of yourself. She says.

Norma Edythe Heyser 11/2014

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