Earth Poem

Honoring all participants in the UN Climate
Action Summit in Madrid, December 3 - 8. This
is a message of encouragement, gratitude and
hope for international goodwill, cooperation,
discovery, research and creative solutions.
Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our
Planet's recovery, healing and sustained health.


Our Mother
Who art the Earth
Hallowed be thy name

You are the bed in which love is made
You are the bed in which seeds of
human-kind grow and multiply
You are the bed in which we rest in peace

May you be blessed and holy
to all who think and act upon you

Give us this day our daily share
of reverence and sensitivity
to the truth of your nature

Give us the clear understanding
that it is out of your womb
all life is born
and every breath is your gift

Help us forgive ourselves our
transgressions upon you
Open our eyes to see
your needs are our needs
Open our hearts to love you
as we love ourselves

Grant us the
to heal your wounds
which are also our own

For thou art
Almighty Mother Earth
the power grace and glory
of our being and
we are your precious children

NEH 12/3/19

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